Treasure Crest EC Sengkang MRT Station at Anchorvale Crescent

Sengkang MRT station serves the Sengkang district of Singapore near Treasure Crest EC Anchorvale. The MRT transport system is really popular with the commuters of the island. The people of the Sengkang district find that their local MRT station is very useful to them because of how close it is to them and where their live at Treasure Crest EC Sengkang MRT. Commuters that live in the area yet work in the city centre or just on the outskirts of it find that the MRT network is great for getting them to and from work with less stress than driving themselves or faster than catching the bus. Without the Sengkang MRT commuters would have no other choice at Treasure Crest EC than to drive or get the bus to go to work and back.

Sengkang MRT Station Treasure Crest EC

The MRT station itself is a clean and modern building where people can wait for the MRT in relative comfort, and it has well over all facilities. Buses stop at the station so that people who catch the bus to Sengkang itself after they have reached the station at Sengkang General and Community Hospital if their final destination cannot be reached by the MRT network. People can either catch the bus or they can walk Sengkang district. It is only a five or ten minute walk to the centre of the district from the station.

Treasure Crest EC Anchorvale Crest EC

People do travel to Sengkang via the MRT network to go to work, go to the shops there, or to visit their family and friends. In that respect getting off the MRT at Sengkang station is ideal as they are only a few minutes away from the end of the journey. All the stations between Sengkang and the city centre are also close to where people have to journey to.

Sengkang MRT Treasure Crest

Basically there is no excuse for not using the MRT network by catching the service at Sengkang MRT station.

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