Terrace EC

Many Amenities For the Kids await you here at The Terrace

The kids especially will enjoy the Kid’s Pool made just for their fun, safety, and your peace of mind.

They also have their Gym Pool, Playground, and Enrichment room where arts and crafts and other organized activities will provide them with exciting and knowledge building experiences. There is also a Kid’s Multifunction room geared to activities that change with their desires and wishes. For the smaller children a fully supervised playroom is also here at the Terrace to give you a break to enjoy some quiet time of your own.

Adults can also find exciting things to do at The Terrace EC

As already mentioned there is Origami pool, as are two Sail Pavilions, a 50 m Beach Pool with adjacent Changing Rooms at Terrace EC, and showers. You will also find the Sundeck where you can work on getting that gorgeous tan you’ve been wanting. Here are some of the other Special amenities you will fine here as well:

Along the same beach area there is where Beach Cabanas at Terrace EC have been set up so you can have a light brunch while enjoying the sunshine in complete privacy.

For the barbecue aficionado there is not one Barbecue Area but two, designed and built for your barbecuing pleasure.

For the nature lover you have Urban Farming, a Biopond, and a Dipterocarp Forest.

Kheng Leong Punggol Terrace

For the more active, there is a Dance Studio near the Waterfront Gym with the nearby Steam Room to relax your aching muscles after a hard workout, after an invigorating dance class at Terrace EC, or an afternoon of swimming and water sports.

A Dining Pavilion has been provided where you can have gourmet dining. If you prefer you can eat out on the Floating Deck which is near the Sports Bar and Games Room.

Finally, to top it all off there is a gigantic Clubhouse facility where parties, business meetings, and many other activities are held and where you can schedule to have activities of your own at Terrace EC.

Shopping, Restaurants and So Much More at Terrace EC!

At this time the Waterway Point Shopping Center, Which will be one of the most exciting places to find exciting New Fashions and accessories as well anything else you could desire such as fine dining and recreation facilities.

There is a local waterpark for the kids as well as the adults. There are entertainment clusters scattered throughout the area. You can enjoy horseback riding, and the Coastal Promenade where jogging, bicycling, walking, or rollerblading is the name of the game for Terrace EC.

At Coney Island, you have beach activities and even camping. There are also numerous walking areas both for scenic attractions and for nature trails. Walk along kilometers of the river way itself. For the more adventuresome, you can kayak or paddle up and down its length and even go beyond the city itself and tour rustic areas that are nearby. You can even visit villages that have been along this waterway for years uncounted, sample the local cuisine, and perhaps buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs.

Punggol The Terrace

This is one of the fastest growing urban living centers in Singapore today. Future plans already in progress have a sports stadium, transportation hub, an additional railway service that can take you anywhere in this beautiful City State along the Pacific Rim.

A creative cluster, learning Center and a state-of-the-art indoor waterpark are just a few of the amenities that are now planned are in progress for Ponggol’s future expansion. This will become the premier seafront community.

The Terrace Upcoming Executive Condominium

Already a new town square is being built that will be finished in five years for Terrace EC and will be built next to the Water Point Mall here the downtown expansions will grow the city center to include F&B outlets, Meeting points, have an Integrated Community Center (ICC) with library and other community facilities housed in one location.

Many schools are already in operation and others are being built to support the influx of residences to this area.

Now is the time for you to consider changing your current venue to that that is offered here at the Terrace Executive Condominiums.

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