Park Colonial Condo at Woodleigh by Chip Eng Seng CEL Unique Development

There is a new apartment complex being built on Woodleigh Lane, Singapore. And it goes by the name of Park Colonial. This condominium will feature a total of 16 stories, over 700 units and lots of facilities that will ensure it is a pleasant place to live in.

With a gross floor area of approximately 630.000 sqft, the plot of land on which the condo will be built was sold for a total of over $700 million. This is a high bid that matches the surrounding area of the future address of Park Colonial. It is placed right next to the Woodleigh MRT Station and that, along with the state of the Singapore real estate market, may have contributed to the high price at which the site was sold.

Park Colonial Condo Chip Eng Seng CEL Unique Development

Due to how close the condo is from the MRT station, this is a great opportunity for people that often use the MRT and that want to be a station away from The Venue Shoppes and the Nex Shopping Mall. Both the Venue Shoppes and the Nex Shopping Mall include shops and restaurants, and you can also find the cinema when visiting the later.

The Park Colonial site plan includes, besides the estimated 735 units, several facilities such as an indoor gym, a 50 m swimming pool, a tennis court, a sun deck and a children’s playground. This set of facilities, the unblocked viewsand the proximity to both the MRT station and Cedar Girls’ Secondary School will definitely attract all sort of owners, from the single person to the big family. The development is located in the Bartley area as well as Woodleigh MRT Station and represents a city fringe development right in the heart of the city.

Park Colonial Bidadari Condo at Bartley Area

Living in one the most densely populated cities comes with its perks and its disadvantages, price being one of the most obvious ones. When supply does not cover demand, a price inflation is created. Even though Singapore’s government keeps applying measures that aim to keep real estate prices down, Singapore has been reported as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. If you are not living in Singapore and you are wondering on whether or not you should move there, the cost of living is something to consider.

Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station

That being said, you will find many perks to living in Singapore. Even though the cost of living may be scary at first, you will have to consider the higher disposable income people working there receive due to low taxation. Singapore is considered to offer great career options to medical practitioners with contract stability, is called the hub of Asia and is a leader in new technology, has a hot and humid climate and provides the possibility of easily not owning a car. You will have to live among over 5 million other residents, but that comes with the perk of living in a truly multicultural environment.

Whether you are already living in Singapore or you are considering moving there in the future, Park Colonial may be an option. Park Colonial seems to be the perfect place to live in, mostly due to its location but also due to the facilities you will find when moving there.It offers everything someone might need in their everyday life.

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