Northwave Hao Yuan EC Gambas

Causeway Point is one of the biggest shopping centers is all of Singapore. It is close to the Woodlands Gambas where there are a number of places to eat and shop as well. The Causeway Point has something for everyone .There is plenty of shopping and some good local food as well.

Northwave EC near Causeway Point

There are many different types of stores that are located in this shopping centre. In addition to shopping there is plenty to do at the Point. There is a cinema available for people that want to take a break from shopping and see the latest movie. The cinemas are located right in the Point.

There are a number of places to stop and eat in the Point as well. There is the 7-11 that people in the United States are used to seeing. The Bagus restaurant will allow a person to have the latest in Asian food. The Bali Thai is another restaurant that will allow a person to have a taste of the local flavor for Northwave Hao Yuan Woodlands.

Northwave Hao Yuan

For a person that is looking to exchange their currency from all over the world the Bank of China of located right in the Point. This bank has some of the best exchange rates and is trusted to be fair when trading currency.

There are a number of stores for every interest. There are clothing stores just for children. There are also specialty shops such as leather goods and the latest in fashion. There are a number of gift shops where a person can find the perfect gift for someone or they perfect item for someone special.

Northwave EC

These are just some of the great things that the Causeway Point has to offer. This shopping centre has plenty of entertainment, food, and gifts. This is something for everyone at the Causeway Point.

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