Land for Urban Oasis Aljunied

Two GLS (Government Land Sales) sites that are soon to be released this year for Urban Oasis Aljunied will need to use advanced technology in their construction process. Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction, or PPVC, will be implemented at Jurong West Street 41, which is set for release in December 2014, and Yishun Avenue 4, which is scheduled for a November 2014 release date.

The use of PPVC for Sims Urban Oasis is within the newly revised guidelines of the Building Control Regulations which was announced by the BCA (Building and Construction Authority). The regulations will now require the use of construction methods that are labor efficient along with improving the productivity of construction through building designs.

Government Land Sales for Urban Oasis Aljunied

As of the 1st of November 2014 it will be compulsive for projects to utilize standardized and prefabricated components in their construction for Sims Urban Oasis. One specific regulation requires that any residential development that is non-landed to use drywall for any partitions that are internal in areas that are dry. It will also be requires, of new projects, to implement standardized floor heights and other building components such as premade garbage chutes, staircases and doors. They could be HDB upgraders for Sims Urban Oasis, or singles and new newlyweds seeking their particular first dwellings. The Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework just sealed the lid tighter on liquidity as well as made it much tougher for HDB upgraders to own a private house , not to mention new couples aiming to join the fray by bypassing the HDB route.

New projects such as Sims Urban Oasis will also need to meet the required higher minimum standards of Buildable Design and Constructability by BCA in order to ensure that buildings are easier to construct as well as to encourage construction processes and methods that are deemed efficient.

Building of Sims Urban Oasis

Regulations for the building for Urban Oasis

Last on the list of regulations in the building for Sims Urban Oasis in Geylang by Guocoland is a requirement for any non-landed residential site to utilize technologies in the building for Urban Oasis by Guocoland deemed productive for projects such as PBU’s (Prefabricated Bathroom Units). This regulation includes Executive Condominiums and the residential part of sites that are mixed use that were sold under the GLS program. This means that GLS sites will also need to adopt the PPVC regulations.

The process of PPVC includes the assembly of whole apartment units or rooms which will be fully assembled away from the actual project site in Urban Oasis Geylang. These will then be fitted on the project site in a manner that is similar to building with LEGO. The use of PPVC was also created to boost safety at the worksite since modules that have been prefabricated are done in a factory setting.

Fabrication Urban Oasis

Guocoland Sims Urban Oasis Geylang

The PPVC regulations for building of urban oasis condo will also affect other projects, such as a student hostel being constructed at Nanyang Technological University and a Crown Plaza Changi Airport Hotel that is adding an extension to their building.

A soon to come Sembawang EC project that is being constructed by CDL (City Developments Limited) will be the first Asian developer to adopt PPVC in the construction of a larger scale residential project.

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